A "GENUINE" CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) is the original CISS from MELCO Technologies specifically designed to meet the specifications of the New Zealand Inkjet Printer market. It is this, that sets us apart from any other CISS provider in New Zealand and the assurance of providing to you, some of the best product and aftermarket service available in the country.

All MELCO Technologies CISS Systems have been thoroughly tested for reliability and quality before being released into the New Zealand market and presently hold a less than 5% out of box failure rate from thousands of units sold nation-wide.

In obtaining such high levels in Quality Assurance (QA), MELCO Technologies regularly monitor and up-date potential problems which are then feed back to the manufacture thus ensuring the New Zealand public they are getting a reliable and high grade quality product almost every time.

MELCO Technologies branding and associated Trademark represents the "GENUINE" CISS System. Aftermarket CISS products which are not "GENUINE" MELCO Technologies products may cause serious harm to your Inkjet printer.

For reliability and "peace of mind", insist on using the "GENUINE" MELCO Technologies range of products.




Continuous Ink Supply Systems are after market kits for Inkjet printers and are not covered under the original printer manufactures warranty. There use may invalidate the original printer manufactures warranty.

MELCO Technologies Continuous Ink Supply Systems are fit for the purpose in which they have been designed. Although technical support and assistance is available, MELCO Technologies take no responsibility from the end user in the incorrect installation or misuse of the product resulting in damage to the printer.



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